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Mad Henry Cotton

He was a mad doctor who killed his patients in his pursuit to cure them.


The Bloody Shouldered Mare

A horse that ran all day and night to save her rider.

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The Jenny Schooner

The Orkney Islands are often terrorized by the dark creature of the Nuckelavee.


Magnificent Moths

Moths are seen as the darker cousins of butterflies. But there is a bit of beauty to be found.

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If you're interested in the strange and the absurd, the awe-inspiring or the peculiar, you've come to the right place. Here at A&F we aim to seek out and find those stranger-than-fiction stories, or those absolutely fantastical tales we so often hear about from books or the internet. From fact to fiction, anything that piques the interest or wow's the senses will be thoroughly researched and posted every Friday. After all, the devil lies in the details - and maybe a ghoul or two.

Interesting stories, strange happenings, paranormal, supernatural, dark or historical peculiarities all form part of what we enjoy researching and sharing. So if you're interested, come take a look at The Absurd & Fantastical.

It's the place where fantasy meets absurdity

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