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When the angels
came to visit

4 amazing stories of angels and miracles

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Today it seems easier to doubt than to believe.


The supernatural, paranormal, and even our very faith stand on the difficult and merciless terrain of logic and science. Scientists, physicists and academics are quick to debunk any stories alluding to ghosts, ghouls, or, in particular, angels. They are flights of fancy. Fake stories. Nothing of worth.

But despite these naysayers and sceptics, stories of these entities are still plentiful. Whether it's simply a product of our ingrained religion, spurred on by a hope for the afterlife, or the true manifestation of benevolent (or sometimes malevolent) beings can't really be decided by either religion or science. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding these investigations.


And so here are four wonderful stories where miracles and angels seemed to be a little closer than we are often led to believe.

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The Wendigo, Cannibal


The Frozen Jenny


A good few years ago, in a small town in South Africa, a single mother was keeping an eye on her young daughter playing in the yard. Although a safe area, the mother was well aware that anything could happen and Tammy was all she really had in the world. So, she kept looking up from her work to make sure her daughter was safe. But in between tasks, her daughter had disappeared.

The mother quickly went outside, but there was no sign of Tammy. Then she checked with the neighbours but they hadn't seen a thing. Desperate, she went to the police station who immediately started a wide search for the little girl. Over the course of three days, the officers had to widen their search to the neighbouring fields and on the third day, Tammy was found. 

She'd been raped and strangled, her little body dumped in a field near a river. The old officer who had found her had felt sickened, dreading to return to the mother with the sad news. Kneeling over the body, he placed a hand on her forehead and said: "God, if there ever was a time for a miracle, now would be it." 

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The True Story of Sad Sam

Sad Sam was a bucking bronco with a sweet temper and a lot of heart.


Malleus Maleficarum

The book that caused thousands of people, to be persecuted and executed as witches.

A sudden hot wind rushed over the field. The old man turned to his fellow officers and asked if they had felt it as well. They all nodded, but before they could determine what had caused it, Tammy coughed.

Completely bewildered, the men scrambled to get an ambulance out to the scene, while the old officer stayed with the barely breathing Tammy. Thankfully, through some quick work from the ambulance and paramedics, the little girl pulled through and after some time, finally left the hospital and went home to her relieved mother. The old police officer could never quite explain what had happened that day, but he was thankful that Tammy had survived.


Although often depicted with wings in art, in the bible angels do not have wings.

Lost in the Cold

On the 28th of October, Michelle went deer hunting in the Oregon wilderness. She promised her father she would meet him in an hour or so at the usual meeting point. Hoisting her gun over her shoulder, she trampled off into the woods, foregoing her jacket as she felt it hindered her ability to hunt.

Michelle pursued some deer into the Alder Creek Canyon. Close on their tail, she was about to take aim when her foot suddenly slipped and she fell down the canyon into the gorge. 

Her foot was busted, and she could barely hobble to a small shelter before she collapsed from the pain. Michelle quickly realised her dire position. She'd wandered away from her initial hunting grounds, meaning even if a party was sent out they would be hard-pressed to find her. And to top it off a storm was brewing, and she had no way to keep warm. Wrapping her arms around herself, Michelle quietly prayed for a miracle. 

Meanwhile, her father had already started a wide search of the area. He'd waited for almost three hours at the meeting point before he raced to the local ranger station to get help. Over 100 people would join the search, but even after four days, they couldn't find her.

By this point, Michelle was barely hanging on. The temperatures were dropping fast, and if she didn't find a way to keep warm, she wouldn't make it another night. She lay curled up on the ground, rubbing her arms with frozen fingers to keep the blood circulation going, when a sudden warmth seeped into her. Blinking awake she could see four bright figures standing around her. They looked human but they resonated warmth and light. Michelle, too tired to even speak, peered up at the figures for as long as she could before collapsing from sheer exhaustion.

The temperature would continue to drop in the coming days, coming in just below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius) but on 3 November, they finally found Michelle. She'd survived her ordeal, she was dehydrated, starving, but thankfully alive. The park rangers were a little baffled by her survival. She should have died from exposure. Michelle retold the story of the four men who had watched over her the last few days, who had kept her warm long enough until help could arrive.


"It was like the angels had watched over me."

The Yellow Rose

Not all angel stories need to be about miracles. Sometimes their worth comes from the simple comfort that there might be someone in our life who watches over us.

When her husband, Rudy, passed away, Wilma had felt bereft of something integral to her life. They'd been together for 37 years, and she struggled to adjust to the sudden loneliness. But life, as they say, goes on, and so Wilma found herself in the supermarket. It was a struggle to buy anything that day. The old memories rushing up so quickly it left her close to tears around every corner. It was so easy to see Rudy between the aisles already scheming on buying her a few yellow roses. He knew how much she adored her yellow roses.

At the beef section, she bit back another sharp sting of tears. Rudy had loved his beef, she would sometimes when they could afford it, buy a nice big juicy one just for him. As she was considering the meat, she spotted a young, pretty blonde woman also considering the beef. She'd pick up a piece, huff, put it down, then pick it up again. Realising she was being watched, the young woman laughed a little awkwardly, "My husband loves beef," she said. "But it's just so expensive!"

Wilma swallowed down her growing sorrow and said, "My husband passed away eight days ago," struggling to keep her emotions in check she quickly continued: "Buy your husband the beef and be grateful for every moment you still have with him." Wilma turned and left before she was completely overwhelmed.

When she finally approached the register, the blonde woman was waiting for her. For a moment, at least to Wilma, her blonde hair seemed to be glowing. The young woman walked closer with a bright smile and held out three beautiful yellow roses.


"These are for you," she said, "I've already paid for them," then she leaned in and pecked Wilma on the cheek, before heading out of the store. 

Wilma held the roses tight to her chest, feeling a sense of calm wash over her. Rudy, she thought, you really haven't forgotten me. 

The Bridge

On a sunny day in Northern California, a young couple was driving home from church. They were passing over a large bridge when disaster struck.

A driver in a black truck had fallen asleep at the wheel and rammed the couple's vehicle shoving it towards the edge of the railing. Both screamed in terror as they drifted closer to the edge. Before the man could even attempt to right the car, it swerved by itself and righted them back into the correct lane. The black truck flew by, almost hitting them again. 

The young man stopped quickly on the side of the road to assess the damage. The truck driver also stopped and came rushing towards them. “I thought I had pushed you over the bridge when I hit your rear bumper!” he said.

They were all a little perplexed as to how the car had drifted back onto the road. He certainly hadn't turned it back, and the momentum from the car behind them had forced him to the edge. They should have gone over the side. 


Many pictures of angels are floating around the internet, and not all of them can be debunked as fake.

Although neither had seen an angel, they both believed something must have intervened that day.

The difficulty with an age of logic and science is we tend to believe that everything will, at some point or other, be explained by science. But that simply is not the case. Countless stories of miracles, angels, or of the supernatural and paranormal variety have popped up over the years all across the world, and although it is becoming easier and easier to fake them, there are many more which have been proven to be real.


We are living in an age where even UFOs have been confirmed by the US military as something which cannot be explained. We live in an age where we still cannot explain how (or even why) the Egyptians built the pyramids. Where mystery and wonder await us around every corner of our lives. So why not the warm glow of an angel?

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